Sergey S. Katsiev

President of MEGAPOLIS Group of Companies

Sergei Katsiyev was born on 11 January 1958, in the city Voznesenskoye (Nikolaev Region).

From 1965 until 1975 he went to a comprehensive school.

After finishing school with a gold medal for academic excellence, S. Katsiyev entered MGIMO MFA of the USSR in 1975 to successfully graduate from in 1981 as a specialist in international economy.

In 1981, he was sent to Libya to serve as a military interpreter until 1984. The next three years S. Katsiyev spent working at the Moscow Central Customs, where he received letters of recognition and certificates of appreciation from the leadership of the State Customs Committee for high performance.

In 1987, S. Katsiyev became a MGIMO post-graduate student.

In 1990, he took his thesis and began teaching at the Political Economy Department.

In 1991, he was appointed senior economist at the Trade mission in the Netherlands.

From 1993 until 2006, S.Katsiyev headed different commercial structures. Since 2006, he has been President of the Megapolis trade company.

S.Katsiyev has been a member of the Board of Directors of the Megapolis trade company since 2016.

S.Katsiyev is married and has two children.

Sergey S. Katsiev