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The MGIMO endowment, established in 2007, is the oldest and the largest university fund in Russia. The objectives of the Fund are to accumulate funding for MGIMO’s long-term development and to provide project funding according to the current priorities of the University.

The foundation meeting of the Endowment was held on March 28, 2007, followed by the official registration on August 24, 2007. The Board of Trustees includes Anatoly Torkunov (chairman) and graduates of MGIMO who formed the initial capital of the Endowment: Vladimir Potanin, Alisher Usmanov and Patokh Chodiev.

Today, the amount of the Endowment fund exceeds 1.8 bln rubles. Each year, the MGIMO Endowment serves as the University's basic source of funding, becoming a noticeable and reliable source of support for MGIMO. In 2008–2023,  >1.4 bln roubles were transferred from the Fund to the University. Capital gains have been reached as a result of a non-stop dialogue with the management companies, as well as because of the review of the portfolio and the investment strategy, which depends on the market.

Along with adding to the endowment, the MGIMO Development Fund is a “growth point” for the university’s ongoing projects, attracting money for projects that require immediate funding. Over the years, the amount of money raised for projects and activities exceeded 1,8 bln roubles.

As one of the priorities, the Endowment supports the MGIMO internationalization programme: internships of students and professors abroad, participation in international forums, conferences and contests, publishing books and journals in English. The Endowment participates in the organization of international MGIMO alumni forums, meetings of MGIMO graduates and partners abroad, international events, including the Russian-French Trianon dialogue, contributes to establishing business contacts.

The Endowment has become an effective link between the University and the business community. In return, sponsors and partners receive informational support, positioning at events, advertising among MGIMO alumni and partners, target training of students as future employees for the company, further training at the MGIMO School of Business and International Proficiency programmes, and conducting joint research.

The endowment undergoes annual audit.

We invite you to join the MGIMO partner community!

We ensure the implementation of ideas aimed at the development of MGIMO, the Russian economy and society.

The MGIMO Endowment is the oldest and largest university endowment fund in Russia.

We develop cooperation between the University and the business community on mutually beneficial conditions

We help our partner companies to select projects according to their strategic tasks

We promote the strengthening of the business and social connections of our graduates and partners both in Russia and abroad

We provide effective capital management and ensure the high-quality implementation of the announced projects

We support the most outstanding student initiatives, the relevant academic studies and the development of new educational programmes

• The projects and activities of the MGIMO Endowment comply with the current principles of sustainable development and social responsibility

In our activities, we take into account the interests of the business community and of the graduates, students, scientists, teachers and employees of MGIMO

We share our experience with the professional community through endowment funds.

Brief information