Financial reporting

The volume of the endowment in 2023 is 1.8 billion roubles.

The investment income transferred to the MGIMO budget and MGIMO projects has been more than 1,2 billion roubles.

The income transferred to the University is aimed at performance-based contract payments for the academic and methodical activities of the MGIMO faculty, the social protection of MGIMO veterans, the modernisation of the education quality control system, the development of the budgeting and management reporting system, the implementation of events within the sports programme, and event-related and international volunteering.

The Endowment’s investment strategy is conservative. More than half of the Endowment is invested in corporate bonds. The Fund's portfolio includes federal and sub-federal bonds and stocks. About 12% of the capital is invested in US dollars (Eurobonds and deposit).

Kept is the auditor of the Endowment.

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Financial reporting