Become MGIMO Endowment partner!

MGIMO’s partnership with the business community includes a wide range of courses and possibilities.

We can help you choose a project that fits your strategy and long-term goals!

A wide array of partnerships among our graduates and media sources:

  • Official MGIMO sites, the Endowment Fund and the Alumni Association
  • Corporate publications such as the MGIMO Journal and the MGIMO Alumni Newsletter
  • Leading Russian media organisations that act as information partners to the university
  • Advertising during MGIMO events.

Invitations to MGIMO events and the organisation of events for your companies:

  • Sessions of the Board of Trustees
  • Sessions of the Board of the Alumni Association
  • “Closed” events for partners and patrons
  • MGIMO Day
  • Meetings of graduates and partners in Switzerland, France, the US and other countries in which graduate clubs are located
  • Conferences and roundtables, as well as concerts, exhibitions and sporting events
  • Co-branding events (your company’s events held on MGIMO premises)
  • Protocol accompaniment.

Personnel training – The ability to “raise” an employee to meet your requirements:

  • Internship invitations for students
  • Scholarships from companies
  • Lectures and master classes given at MGIMO by company leaders
  • Participation in career day and the placing of vacancies in the MGIMO Career Centre
  • Tailored educational programmes
  • Corporate departments

Advanced training of employees in MGIMO’s School of Business and International Proficiency:

  • MBA programmes
  • Professional programmes for retraining and advanced training
  • Dual-degree programmes in partnership with leading foreign business schools
  • International summer schools in international relations, international management, public policy, economics and law.

Joint research activities and consulting:

  • Order for the conducting of research by MGIMO professors and teachers
  • Studying in post-graduate and joint research projects
  • Expert assistance and consulting on a wide range of questions
  • Linguistic support during business operations (English, French, German, Italian, Japanese and other languages).