All-Russian "MGIMO Law Championship"

3 March 2021

March 2nd, the University hosted the All-Russian “MGIMO Law Championship” — the first case championship in Russia for law students with a large prize fund. The event was organized by MGIMO’s Law Club and the Fund of Grateful Alumni of the International Law School.

The winners of the "MGIMO Law Championship" were congratulated in person by MGIMO Rector A.Torkunov, the University’s First Vice-Rector, Dean of the International Law School G.Tolstopyatenko, the founders of the School’s Fund of Grateful Alumni Y.Monastyrsky and V.Zubrilin, the Representative of the Russian Federation in the Constitutional Court, the Supreme Court and the Higher Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation M.Barshchevsky.

The remote stage of the championship was held in December 2020, with over 377 teams from more than 30 universities in Russia and CIS countries taking part. As a result of the first round, five teams were selected for each of the five thematic sections.

The second stage of the championship was attended in person by 25 teams from three Russian cities: Moscow, St. Petersburg and Krasnoyarsk. Teams from MGIMO, Moscow State University, St. Petersburg State University, the Higher School of Economics, Moscow State Law Academy, RUDN, the Siberian Federal University and Moscow International University participated in the second stage of the competition. During the opening ceremony, the participants were greeted by MGIMO’s First Vice-Rector, the Dean of the International Law School G.Tolstopyatenko and the Vice-Rector for Social Work and Youth Policy S.Surovtsev.

The championship comprised five different thematic sections. The cases were designed by FBK Legal (corporate law), the Pepeliaev Group (intellectual property law), Ernst & Young consulting company (tax law), Monastyrsky, Zyuba, Stepanov and Partners law firm (criminal law) and the International Law School of MGIMO (international law).

The event was also sponsored by the Russian Lawyers Association, the Moscow Lawyers community and the BeSavvy interactive online courses for lawyers. The jury consisted of renowned professors, lecturers and practicing lawyers from various fields of law.

After an intense struggle, the places were distributed as follows:

For "International Law":

  1. «RBG»: Alisa Gerasimenko, Tamara Posadkova
  2. «Sibirskie mezhdunarodniki»: Anastasia Burnakina, Ekaterina Kalinina, Svetlana Fomina
  3. «Nevskiye pravovedy»: Anna Vorobyova, Alexey Britanov, Grigory Shklyanka, Nazar Lukyanov

For "Criminal Law":

  1. «Sluzhiteli Mimimidy»: Polina Kvasnikova, Nikita Gorodilov
  2. CL enjoyers: Daria Gribanova, Vladislav Gubko, Valeria Lazutina, Ivan Sukharev
  3. «Criminal law crew»: Georgy Moskalev

For "Corporate Law":

  1. LEKT: Artyom Lavrov, Maria Eremenko, Ilya Kholopov, Maxim Telushkin
  2. «In medias res»: Maria Yakusheva, Yulia Fedchenko, Ekaterina Sokolova, Alexander Selivanov
  3. «Sur»: Sergey Petukhov, Yulia Racheeva, Roman Ambartsumov, Victoria Samsonova

For "Intellectual Property Law":

  1. «Vsem PIS»: Alina Kosenko, Lydia Pecherina, Nadezhda Borisenko, Alexandra Yugunyan
  2. «#lawfortheworld»: Yulia Ivshina, Lyudmila Ivanova
  3. «Ay3.14»: Alexandra Butko, Elena Kuzina, Kamilla Kinzikeeva, Bulat Sayfutdinov

For "Tax Law":

  1. Svidchenko&Oxenoyd Attorneys at law: Stanislav Svidchenko, Anton Oxenoyd, Roman Galustyan
  2. «MBM»: Marina Yagnyukova, Ekaterina Mishina, Leonida Shary
  3. «Triple-A Co»: Alexandra Zherdeva, Anna Zozulya, Alexandra Konokhova

In each sphere, the winning team was awarded 100 000 rubles and the team in second place received 50 000 rubles. The total prize fund amounted to 750,000 rubles.

The case championship was held at the initiative of MGIMO students: the Head of the Organizing Committee Nikita Melnikov and the Head of the Legal Club Alexei Starikov.