Moscow International Negotiations Tournament Opens at MGIMO

20 November 2017

November 20th, Moscow International Negotiations Tournament (MINT) started at the University.

MGIMO’s Vice-Rector for Human Resources, also Chairman of the tournament’s jury, Vladimir Morozov, welcomed the participants and remarked that he had personally participated in the creation of the Negotiation Club at MGIMO. The Vice-Rector noted: «There are many different student organizations in our University, and the Negotiation Club is one of the largest.»

Vladimir Morozov noted that he was not a theorist and underlined the opportunity presented by events such as this one, for students to develop practical skills. The Vice-Rector also remarked that it is a great achievement for the Negotiation Club to host such as a major event as this tournament and that it is good practice for it to be held in English, the international language of negotiations. The tournament will run for another two days, and end with a forum on November 22nd.

Moscow International Negotiations Tournament Opens at MGIMO