Report MGIMO / 2021

15 June 2022

The MGIMO Endowment presents the MGIMO Report for 2021, which brings together the results of the implementation of the University's strategic initiatives.

Report "MGIMO / 2021"

A significant event for MGIMO is participation in the program of state support for universities "Priority - 2030". The brochure shows the progress of priority projects’ implementation related to global research, the development of Russian-language education abroad, the issues of sustainable development and ESG-transformation, global agricultural markets and development of education in the field of tourism.

Work with schools and enrollees was significantly expanded (Gorchakov Lyceum and lyceum classes in Tashkent, New Vision School, MGIMO Olympiads), which is reflected in the results of the admission campaign.

The special emphasis was placed on educational programs, including the reform of economic education, the development of digital competencies, the training of professionals for the economic and legal regulation of sustainable development, ecology, tourism and hospitality, global agricultural markets, sports diplomacy, the project of MGIMO-MED Medical University. Moreover, students can receive grants and corporate scholarships, apply for foreign internships, and get help with future career.

Some parts of the report are devoted to the academic recognition of MGIMO - participation in the Year of Science and Technology, scientific results of IIS, research and publishing activities.

The implementation of the initiatives would not have been possible without the assistance of corporate partners and MGIMO alumni. The Endowment block lists partners of the year, supported projects, financial performance of MGIMO and the Fund.

The annual report has been compiled based on the materials of the departments since 2013. The two previous brochures received an award in the new nomination of the annual competition of annual reports of the RAEX Agency (RAEX-Analytics) "Best Practices for the Preparation of Annual Reports of Universities".

Report MGIMO / 2021