"Corporate Governance in Russia: Quo Vadis?" Published by "De Gruyter"

10 December 2020

The leading international publishing house "De Gruyter" has published the monograph "Corporate Governance in Russia: Quo Vadis?" edited by A.Dementyeva and E.Zavyalova.

The book is the product of cooperation between researchers from several departments of MGIMO devoted to management, marketing and foreign economic activity, economic policy and international finance. The group of authors comprises famous practitioners and prominent specialists in the field of corporate governance, representatives of the Russian Institute of Directors, the largest Russian banks etc. The publication reviews the main trends in the development of Russian corporate governance from the beginning of the 1990s to the present.

The monograph is a large-scale and comprehensive study that covers three major aspects of corporate governance theory and practice: a vision of corporate governance in Russia in the context of global trends and challenges, the general perception of corporate governance in Russia, and the real nature of Russia’s corporate community from the viewpoint of its corporate governance practices.

The authors analyze the situation against the backdrop of digital processes and globalization, but likewise examine the specificities of Russian practices. The reader will find answers to a myriad of questions including the influence of institutional and economic factors on the management of large Russian business, the evolution of the legal regulation of corporate governance in Russia, the role played by the board of directors and senior management and an analysis of corporate social responsibility problems.

This book will be useful not just for experts in corporate governance and investors, Russian government organizations, ministries and departments in the field of business regulation, associations of entrepreneurs, business schools and universities of economic profile but also for those who have an interest in modern Russia at large.