MGIMO Launches First Specialization on Coursera Platform

6 March 2020

The School of International Economic Relations, with the support of MGIMO’s School of Business and International Proficiency, has recently launched on Coursera its first specialization in "World Economy" created by the Department of World Economy.

On the Coursera platform, a specialisation is a series of interconnected courses, which teach a wide range of skills and offer a more in-depth understanding of the subject compared to other types of online courses. Specializations are more selective on entry as students need to master certain skills in order to understand the course, as indeed the tasks offered are complex as are the professional discussions on the forums. Specialisations offer a level of education similar to specialized subjects taught at University.

The courses were created by the professors and lecturers of the Department of World Economy: A.Bulatov, N.Galishcheva, B.Zaritsky, V.Gorbanev, V.Karlusov, I.Potapova, S.Ribrey, K.Nadashvili.

Students having registered for the specialization program, will have access to the courses “the Fundamentals of World Economy”, “World Economy: Subjects and Resources”, “World Economy: Leading Participating Countries”. Students can enrol for free and access the training materials and tests. Those who decide to pay for the course will receive a Coursera and MGIMO certificate confirming the successful completion of the specialization.

The course on the Fundamentals of World Economy looks at the history of the global economy, examines different theoretical concepts such as economic growth and looks at the problems that the world economy is currently confronted with.

The second specialization course “World Economy: Subjects and Resources” provides information on the different types of economic resources such as human capital, financial and real capital and natural resources.

The last part of the specialization “World Economy: Leading Participating Countries” analyses the features of the socio-economic development of various developed countries (USA, EU member states and developed countries of Asia) and less developed countries (Russia, China and India).

The world economy is a key area for study in the modern world. Today a professional economist, financial analyst, a consultant or manager of an international corporation cannot get by without fundamental knowledge about the structure of economic relations at the global level. MGIMO students can use the course to fine-tune their understanding of the world economy, while other students and professionals can enjoy a specialization developed by one of Russia’s leading universities.

You can sign up for the specialization course in “World Economy” here. In order to register you can contact us by email at:

MGIMO Launches First Specialization on Coursera Platform