English digest of MGIMO Journal. New issue

13 January 2020

Please welcome a new English digest of our corporate magazine MGIMO Journal!

In this issue you will find:

MGIMO marks the 75th anniversary:

  • The President of Russia Vladimir Putin: “MGIMO has established a strong reputation as a leading global center for training professionals in international affairs… It is important that, in addition to the traditional areas of study and research, the university is actively developing new programmes on public administration and corporate management, as well as information and financial technologies”;
  • The President of Azerbaijan, MGIMO graduate Ilham Aliev: «The 75th anniversary of MGIMO is a festive event for our family, too»;
  • The President of Kazakhstan, MGIMO graduate Kassym-Jomart Tokayev: «MGIMO fosters true statesmen»;
  • MGIMO Gala Evening at the Bolshoi Theater;
  • The 12th RISA Convention and the ASEAN-Russia Forum on Education at MGIMO: the memorable moments;

MGIMO-Tashkent. First abroad!

  • MGIMO in Tashkent: find out the exclusive materials on MGIMO’s first campus abroad and one of the most active Alumni Clubs;
  • Alisher Usmanov, founder of USM Holdings,  Deputy Chairman of MGIMO Board of Trustees: «MGIMO could play a very positive role in Uzbekistan»;
  • Patokh Chodiev, Co-owner of “ENRC” PLC (Eurasian Natural Resources Corporation) and “IMR” (International Mineral Resources) companies, member of MGIMO Board of Trustees: «We are carried by MGIMO spirit!»;

Trilogy of Dialogues: overview of the key events and interviews with co-presidents of the Trianon, Sochi and Petersburg Dialogues;

The interview with the founder of the French Institute of International Relations (IFRI) Thierry de Montbrial: «This is my way»;

MGIMO and the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation launched a unique master programme;

and a lot more!

“For MGIMO, 2019 was an anniversary year. Seventy five years ago the war with the German Nazis was coming to an end. Realising the growing demand for diplomats, who would define a new world order, the Soviet government decided to establish a university for training experts in international relations.

The celebrations were held throughout the year as alumni forums were organized at a number of Russian cities and abroad. They culminated on October 23d with a Gala Evening in the Bolshoi Theater in the center of Moscow. For over 250 years great operas and ballets have been performed at the main Russian theater, and that evening its orchestra played the MGIMO anthem, written, by the way, by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Sergei Lavrov, a 1972 graduate. Vladimir Putin, the President of the Russian Federation, congratulated the audience from a huge screen: “Over the past 75 years, MGIMO has become a leading center for training professionals in international affairs. MGIMO alumni constitute the core personnel in the Russian diplomatic service. They demonstrate professionalism, patriotism and fidelity to duty while protecting our country’s foreign policy interests.”

Certainly, MGIMO is also a well-known center for expert training in foreign affairs. Hundreds of alumni from dozens of countries recall with warmth and gratitude their university years, being proud of acquiring a profession in demand as well as gaining invaluable experience and life-long friendship. Alumni also came to Moscow for the celebration.

2019 saw the continuation of the Trianon Dialogue, a joint initiative of Vladimir Putin and Emmanuel Macron, aimed at creating closer ties between Russian and French civil societies, under the auspices of MGIMO. Several events called “the Trianon week” were held on the sidelines of the Paris Peace Forum. Read the reports on these and other events in the new issue of MGIMO Journal”.

The full version is available here (13 MB, PDF).

Igor DROBYSHEV, Editor-in-Chief of MGIMO Journal

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English digest of MGIMO Journal. New issue