Happy birthday, MGIMO!

14 October 2020

Dear MGIMO faculty members, students and graduates!

Today we are celebrating the 76th birthday of our University. During the past few decades it became a tradition to gather on campus or at one of our international forums, at meetings organized by MGIMO’s foreign alumni clubs.

Unfortunately, the pandemic means that we have to adjust and that those who gather in person to celebrate will do so in smaller groups. The celebrations will be friendlier and warmer than ever! We will bring together a wide circle to mark the occasion, but a little later!

Today at MGIMO we have inaugurated an updated monument dedicated to the memory of those MGIMO students and staff who defended the Fatherland, who were in the Institute's classrooms and were called to the front, those who left their student days to do difficult and dangerous work abroad.

This bright, sunny day encourages us to look ahead with optimism. MGIMO has improved its position among the best universities in the country and the world. No one can question our accomplishments both in international rankings and in the Guinness Book of Records and the demand for our graduates among the best employers keeps growing.

MGIMO is still the main forge of diplomatic personnel! And we are proud of it!

We also take pride in the fact that what started out as a small diplomatic school became three quarters of a century later a huge international university, creating a unique community of alumni, the legendary brotherhood of MGIMO graduates.

Happy birthday, MGIMO!

MGIMO Rector

Happy birthday, MGIMO!