The MGIMO Journal: a new English-language digest

19 July 2023

We are pleased to present the MGIMO Journal, an English-language digest.

The highlights of the new English-language issue:

  • Thirty years together!

Anatoly Torkunov was appointed Rector of MGIMO thirty years ago by order of the Minister of Foreign Affairs. We publish an interview with former students who studied in the early 1990s when Anatoly Torkunov started his career and who have now become prominent figures in Russia.

  • Digital Imperative

MGIMO University hosted the international scientific and practical conference "Digital International Relations 2022," which brought together experts specializing in digital transformation of various aspects of international relations in particular. For more information see the report about the sessions of the conference and an interview with Director of the Institute for System Programming Academician Arutyun Avetisyan on joint projects with MGIMO University.

  • Tourism and Hospitality Industry

As part of its new degree programs, MGIMO University offers Bachelor, MasterMBA, and secondary vocational education programs. This segment also includes an article about domestic tourism in Russia and an interview with Maya Lomidze, Executive Director of the Association of Tour Operators of Russia (ATOR).

  • Creative Industries

You can also read an interview with Borislav Volodin, Head of the ArtMasters National Open Creative Skills Competition, and Maria Sitkovskaya, Partner of the Universal University — a university of creative industries. In 2023, a joint bachelor’s degree program “Management in Creative Industries” was launched at the Odintsovo campus together with Universal University.

  • MGIMO Med

MGIMO’s Odintsovo branch trains doctors with knowledge of foreign languages. The first enrollment in the specialist’s degree program “Medicine” at MGIMO Med was completed in 2022 (together with MD Medical Group). In 2023, a residency program in Obstetrics and Gynecology was launched.

  • Fifteen Years of the MGIMO Endowment

In 2022, the MGIMO Endowment celebrated its 15th anniversary. Director Marina Petrova spoke about how it had been established, its philosophy and the future of one of the largest funds in Russia.

  • MGIMO Ventures

Two seasons of the pre-acceleration program have already been completed as part of the MGIMO Ventures Accelerator for student and business projects created in 2022. Now halfway through the second season of the accelerator, an international season in Tashkent is being launched. Oleg Linnikov, co-founder of and head of the program, explains how new brands are built in the innovative startup market.

  • Russian International School

In 2022, the MGIMO Russian International School opened in Bishkek (MSU Scientific and Educational School Complex, Kyrgyzstan) offering lyceum classes for children from the age of 15. Taking this opportunity, the MGIMO Journal publishes a report about people and unique places in this country.

  • PriorityFest

The report covers PriorityFest, which is a festival of best practices used by universities participating in the Priority 2030 state program. At MGIMO University, the festival brought together more than 500 people from the Russian educational and research community.

  • From the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center to the Tretyakov Gallery

Elena Pronicheva, a graduate of the MGIMO Political Studies School, has been appointed as the new Director of the State Tretyakov Gallery. Elena Pronicheva shared her professional experience in the museum field with the editor-in-chief of the Journal.

  • And much more!

You can read the Journal here (PDF, 12 MB)

MGIMO Journal is published with the support of the MGIMO Endowment.

The MGIMO Journal: a new English-language digest