MGIMO in Top Ten Entrepreneurial Universities

15 October 2020

The Analytical Center "Expert" has released its rating of the best entrepreneurial universities and business schools in Russia. MGIMO has made it into the top 10!

The ranking assesses how Russian universities participate in the global development of technological entrepreneurship and to what extent they contribute to shaping a new technological agenda for the future. One of the criteria for evaluating this contribution is to what extent the start-ups created by graduates are visible on the global market.

The research uses data from the Crunchbase database of tech companies and startups. Analysts examined seven different indicators, which were combined into several groups: scale, success and relevance. The study was carried out for the first time in 2016 in the framework of an analytical project launched to assess the contribution of Russian universities to the Country’s economic development.

This year, 46 Russian universities made it into the final ranking. MGIMO performed best in terms of the number of startups created by alumni and activity on the University’s website.

MGIMO in Top Ten Entrepreneurial Universities