MGIMO Endowment Launches X Student Grant Competition

19 October 2020

The University’s Endowment Fund conveys its congratulations to MGIMO students and faculty members on MGIMO Day and announces the opening of the 10th Student Grants Competition.

2020 has been so far an unusual year, during which everyone has learned how to adapt to a new set of circumstances. These new skills are particularly useful as constant transformation, innovation and cutting edge ideas are at the very core of what makes a person or organization successful.

MGIMO started a while back to implement its new Development Strategy until 2025, and you are invited to participate in it. The X Anniversary Competition has for goal to identify and encourage talented students to help develop the initiatives that the University needs to implement in the long term.

The fund for the competition this year is 5 million roubles. The recommended maximum amount for one application is 300 thousand roubles. All students from MGIMO’s Vernadsky Prospekt, Odintsovo and Tashkent campuses can take part.

You can apply up until November 15th.

The main assessment criteria for the projects is:

  • Uniqueness: even a traditional project can involve an innovative element.
  • Perspective and opportunity to work on different scales.
  • Applied value: ability to solve specific problems.
  • The project should be digitalized.
  • Importance of the social impact of the project.
  • Usefulness for a wide range of people, MGIMO students and other interested parties.
  • A clear implementation plan.
  • Relevance for MGIMO business partners: the project could contain not only academic, but also entrepreneurial components.

Do not hesitate to apply with creative projects that require a strategic approach to implementation: The Endowment provides students not only with financial, but also informational, technical and organizational support.

We strongly believe that each one of you can contribute to the development of our Alma Mater.

The MGIMO Endowment is funded by contributions from alumni and companies, as well as the income from its investments, which is used to finance university projects.

The student grants competition is sponsored by A.Epifanov, a member of MGIMO’s Board of Trustees. Over the entire period that the Competition has been running, the Endowment has supported over 170 student projects for a total amount of over 30 million roubles.

MGIMO Endowment Launches X Student Grant Competition